10 Grading Tips to Save Hours of Time

By Abby Phillips
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10 Grading Tips to Save Hours of Time

by Abby Phillips

Grading papers is a task no teacher looks forward to. It is the reason for the heaping piles of ungraded assignments covering your desk, the empty gradebooks, and the after-work convincing to finally sit down to grade those papers. It is no surprise that teachers spend too much time grading. If you are looking to spend more time with students and less time grading, here are 10 ways to save hours of time on grading:

 1. Use Technology to Your Advantage.

There are multiple software programs that offer assistance in grading. Try using scantrons on assessments or online testing platforms to make grading less of a hassle. Other software programs and technology are available to assist in the grading struggle.

 2. Stop Grading Every Single Assignment

Try out the 1:4 grading ratio. For every one assignment you grade, do not grade the next four. This decreases the number of graded assignments and lowers time spent on grading! Use the assignments for practice to propel student comprehension. 


3. Teacher Student Conference

Rather than grading each assignment, schedule conferences with each of your students to discuss the assignment and provide feedback. Teacher student conferences create a stronger relationship between you and your students and decrease grading time.

 4. Peer Review

Use the peer review method and have students grade one another’s work. This speeds up grading and teachers students accountability and responsibility. 


5. Group Assignments 

Group assignments have so many benefits! Students learn to work with others and collaborate on assignments which teaches them valuable lessons for the future. And with group projects comes less assignments to grade! 

 6. Self-Assessments

Self-assessments allow students to grade themselves on assignments. Giving them the responsibility and accountability of grading themselves will save you time while teaching them valuable lessons. 

 7. Create a Grading Schedule that Works for You. 

Whether you grade your student’s work immediately, or set a time once a week, stick to your schedule to allocate the amount of assignments to grade. This prevents a large buildup of papers and worksheets awaiting a grade.

8. Purchase a Grading Stamp

Grading stamps can save you so much time, especially when it comes to English Language Arts. Like a rubric, grading stamps cut down on hours of grading.

9. Use a Rubric

If you are not already using a rubric to grade assignments, start now! You will save hours of time by grading papers, projects, and assignments with a good rubric.  

 10. Use Your Time Productively 

Use movie days or other free time (if any) to your advantage and get your grading done! While your students are entertained, knock out your grading so you don’t have to take it home. 

 Do you have any additional tips to reduce grading time? Let us know. Comment what hacks save you time! 

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