10 Secrets for Virtual Learning Success

By Abby Phillips
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10 Secrets for Virtual Learning Success

by Abby Phillips

Are you or your students feeling the virtual learning slump? Reignite the fire to learn with these 10 secrets for virtual learning success.

1.Dress for Success

Many studies have examined whether dressing in your Sunday’s best has any impact on how successful you are. The consensus is this: looking good has a positive impact on productivity, confidence, and participation. Zoom conferences and virtual learning have made it too easy to wear a nice top with pajama bottoms, but looking good makes you feel good! Get ready for the day like you are going to school or work in person. Dress like you are successful and you will be successful!

 2. Create a Classroom Space

As enticing and comfortable as your bed or couch may be, set up a dedicated learning environment that is quiet and free of distractions. Create a desktop or learning space to keep clean and organized for your work.

 3. Be Prepared

Wake up with time to create a morning routine before class begins. Eat a healthy breakfast, get your blood flowing with exercise, and prepare your mind to focus. Login to class with a charged device and bring a notebook, pencil or any other materials your teacher recommends.

4. Actively Participate

Active participation is the key to success! Interact with your teacher and classmates during virtual learning. If you have a question, ask for clarification. Remaining active in the conversation will create a better learning experience and help retention of materials.

5. Take a Break

Remember to take breaks when needed. Go for a quick walk outside, eat a snack, or listen to your favorite song. Get some well-needed fresh air if you have a chance. Brain breaks are so important and needed, especially when looking at a screen all day!

6. Reach Out for Help

If you are confused or having a difficult time following the lesson, be proactive by emailing your teacher and asking for help. Reach out to a friend or classmate for help with an assignment if your teacher is unavailable. We are in this together!

7. Stay Connected

Make an effort to stay social with others in your virtual classroom. Introduce yourself to classmates and maintain friendships while social distancing. Work together on group projects or stay connected when offline.

8. Remain Positive

Try to remain positive during the uncharted times we are in. Remember that opportunities are limitless for growing and learning in this new setting. Brainstorm opportunities to grow during this time. What ideas can you come up with?

9. Read Remotely

Use your spare time as an opportunity to read more. Practice independent reading 30 minutes a day or whenever you have a chance! Reach out to teachers and friends for supplemental or fun reading suggestions.

10. Eat Healthy at Home

You will retain information easier by choosing nutritious snacks and healthy meals. Good sources of energy will keep you healthy and ready to succeed. Fuel your brain and body with healthy alternatives to keep your mind active all day!

Thank you to Rodney Adams and his friends at Dekalb County schools for their contribution to this blog post. What other secrets work for you? Let us know below!