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Meet ABC

The American Book Company was founded in 1996 when President, Colleen Pintozzi, alongside her late husband, Dr. Frank Pintozzi, saw a need for quality educational resources for students. Since then, the American Book Companyhas served millions of students, making workbooks and eBook learning tools covering 100% of state-specific standards.

 Who We Are & What We Do

     Colleen Pintozzi spent over 20 years in education; teaching in multiple states, schools, and grade levels. While teaching in the classroom, Colleen saw a need for quality educational resources for students’ success. She saw an opportunity to turn her dream into a reality with the help of her husband, a professor of English, and their son, Devin, who was finishing his liberal arts university studies.

     The Pintozzis began writing and producing quality workbooks in their very own house. In fact, they produced their first few orders on a printer in the bedroom of their rural Georgia home. 

     The Pintozzis made it their lifelong mission to ensure student success. Devin Pintozzi, joined in 1996 committed to the same vision; teaching Migrant ESL classes, writing book materials, and earning an MBA to propel the vision forward. 

     The American Book Company writes, publishes, and sells state-specific workbooks based on state content standards. Today, ABC learning tools are available in print workbook, eBook, and online testing formats for the convenience of students and teachers. 

   For 25 years, The American Book Company has written books that are engaging, effective, and easy-to-read. They are enjoyable for teachers and engaging for students. As a result, ABC publishes materials in all subjects including: Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Writers design content beginning at Kindergarten and extending through High School. 

     Since their first order, The American Book Company has developed high stakes test preparation books and eBooks, comprehensive state curriculum review programs, and instructional support programs for 19 states, including content specific products for additional review and practice in all subject areas to address learning loss.

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