The Best Mask Hacks for Kids

By Abby Phillips
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The Best Mask Hacks for Kids

by Abby Phillips

Wearing a mask is new to all of us. With no end in sight, it’s time we get used to them and encourage our children to do the same. If you are struggling to get your child to wear a mask in public, don’t give up! Check out these tips to help your children master wearing a mask. Here are the best mask hacks for kids:

1. Talk About It

The first thing you need to do is explain to your children why they need to wear a mask. You may choose to explain the timeline of events that brought our communities to make the decisions to wear masks. Make your goal to help your child understand the seriousness of wearing a mask. Depending on their age, you may shape your message to allow him/her to understand easier.

2. Practice It

Once your child understands why they need to wear a mask, begin practicing. Practice mask-wearing in your house, while playing outside, during arts and crafts, and any other chance you get. Practicing wearing a mask will make it easier for your child to wear a mask when they are required to do so. 

3. Normalize It

The world is normalizing masks, now it’s your turn. Make putting on your mask a vital step in your child’s routine. Once you familiarize your child with mask wearing and normalize it, you have won half the battle. Now, you just need to make sure they keep it on.

4. Be Consistent and Understanding 

Some days are easier/harder than others. The same goes for mask-wearing. Adults need mask breaks, too. It is so important to remind your children that wearing a mask is not a punishment. It is to keep them safe and healthy. Be understanding that it is sometimes difficult to wear a mask. Allow occasional mask breaks if your child is in need of one. Yet, do not become too lenient with masks. Be consistent about wearing masks in public. Find a happy medium that fits your family’s routine. 

5. Make It Fun

Don’t make mask-wearing a negative, make it fun! Make an effort to get your child excited about wearing their mask. Allow him/her to pick out a few masks in store or online that they would like to wear. If they like what design is on their mask, they will be excited to wear it and show it off.

6. Be a Good Role Model

Whether five or fifteen, your child is always looking to see what you are doing. If you are wearing your mask correctly and often, your children will mimic that action! When you are in public, wear your mask correctly and at all times. While your kids practice mask-wearing in your home, join them so they understand the importance of it. Being a good role model involves wearing your mask even when it is not ideal. Your attitude will be your child’s attitude. Make it a good one. 

Have you mastered the art of getting your child to wear a mask? What other mask hacks for kids can you give us? Comment below!