The Emphasis on Learning Recovery

By Abby Phillips
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The Emphasis on Learning Recovery

by Abby Phillips

In previous years, no two words were ever more daunting to students than “summer school.”  The journey of summer learning recovery is changing with the times. While it was once dreaded and avoided by students at all costs, it is now necessary for student success. Students are facing challenges they could never be prepared for and their test scores are reflecting it. COVID-19 has caused learning loss among students and it is essential to find alternative ways to overcome this unfortunate side effect. With summer vacation quickly approaching, it is imperative to find resources and strategies to lessen the impact of learning gaps. 

What Will Summer Learning Look Like?

Summer remediation may look different depending on the state, district, and school. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has required all schools to offer an in-person summer school program this year. In-person instruction will present students with greater benefits than risks, according to reports. The American Academy of Pediatrics acknowledges in-person learning to be more beneficial to students for “social and emotional skills, safety, reliable nutrition, physical/occupational/speech therapy, mental health services, health services, and opportunities for physical activity, among other benefits.”

Summer learning recovery is crucial for students gearing up for the upcoming school year. Benefits to accelerated intervention include:

  • Improved understanding of instructional materials.

  • Mastery of College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS) for grade level and subject mastery.

  • Below-level support to students struggling with learning loss.

What ABC is Doing:

The American Book Company is dedicated to providing standards-based materials for student success. ABC has launched Gearing Up, a new line of workbooks containing important concepts and skills geared to improve below-level comprehension. 

 ABC’s Gearing Up workbooks cover 100% of previous year’s standards, including all College and Career Ready Standards for remediation. Gearing Up workbooks offer a Pretest and Posttest and are available in the following grade levels and subjects:

  • 1st-8th Grade Mathematics 

  • 1st-8th Grade English Language Arts

  • 9th Grade Literature and Composition

  • Algebra 1

Summer remediation is quickly approaching and student success is dependent on it. It is imperative that resources are provided to assist students in summer learning recovery efforts to bridge the learning gap. Shift it into high gear this summer with ABC accelerated intervention materials! 

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