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Comprehensive Learning Strategies

American Book Company’s popular Educational print books are also available as an eBook versions to be accessed digitally inside the classroom or on the go! These eBooks can be used on computers, interactive whiteboards, Android smartphones and tablets as well as Apple devices such as iPads or iPhones. We¬†with RedShelf to make learning and teaching an engaging experience for everyone. These digital tools can help take your students education to the next level! Check out the video to see more of what RedShelf has to offer!

Note-taking. highlighting, and free draw tool

American Book Company’s eBooks are fully accessible inside and outside of the classroom. Teachers and students alike will find the highlighting tool extremely helpful when focusing on certain skills and concepts. The note-taking tool can be used to make comments directly within the text, and the free draw tool can be used for anything from circling difficult words to underlining keywords! Our eBooks are also equipped with bookmarking capability. Any bookmark or notes you make will be saved in an annotations menu so that you can easily from anywhere in the eBook.

Linked Table Of Content

ABC’s eBooks come equipped with a linked table of contents. This allows you to go directly to a specific section in the book by clicking on its entry in the table of contents. There is also a separate table of contents menu that allows easy access to any page even if you are in another section of the book.

Searchable Text

Looking for certain concept or keyword? All of ABC’s eBook material is searchable so you can quickly and easily find the term you are looking for. Simply click or tap the magnifying glass in the top corner and begin your search.

Key Term Define

If you come across a term in ABC’s eBooks that you would like more information on, you can highlight it with your cursor and immediately see the definition. You can also go to the Wikipedia or Google search page for that particular word. It’s yet another way ABC strives to expand learning.