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American Book Company’s popular Educational Print Books are NOW available in eBook formats. Digital access is available either inside the classroom or on the go!

These eBooks can be viewed on desktops, interactive whiteboards, Android devices as well as Apple devices such as iPads and iPhones.

American Book Company has partnered with RedShelf to make learning and teaching an engaging experience for everyone.

Take education to the next level!

Take Notes. Highlight. Draw.

The Highlighting Tool can be helpful for reviewing important material. The Note-Taking Tool allows commenting to be applied directly within the text. Free-form annotate with the Drawing Tool! All eBooks are also equipped with custom bookmarking capacities. All bookmarks and notes will be saved to a menu available from anywhere and any page while in the eBook.

Linked Table Of Contents

All of ABC’s eBooks come equipped with a hyperlinked Table of Contents allowing the reader jump to specific chapters and sections at will. Also, embedded is another menu granting access to jump to any page while in other sections of the book.

Searchable Text

All of ABC’s eBook material is searchable! Quickly find the word or term you are seeking with a click or tap. A magnifying glass pops up and begins your custom search!

Key Term Definitions

ABC’s eBooks have internal dictionaries for quick definitions and hyperlinks for all words in the textbooks. Highlight any word and the definition will appear in a pop-up window along with links to Wikipedia and Google for expanded research options.