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ABC’s all-inclusive Kentucky solutions meet 100% of the Kentucky Academic Standards. Our content prepares students for the KSA assessments and we guarantee our products will improve student scores. All workbooks include free access to our digital platform, CourseWave, with eBooks and CourseWave Online Testing. Join ABC’s all-inclusive print and digital solution today!
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Why teach with ABC?

For nearly 30 years, ABC has been making solutions designed to fit seamlessly into your instruction. Our pretest and Chart of Standards allow quick identification of individual learning gaps, every chapter contains excellent instructional content and practice via review questions, and a posttest is included to confirm mastery of all concepts. Each order includes student workbooks, a free teacher’s guide, and access to our CourseWave digital platform for eBooks and online testing.

Printed Workbooks

Printed Workbooks

All ABC content maps directly to state blueprints. The questions on the full-length pre and posttests simulate state assessments, and are labeled with DOK level and standard for easy concept identification. Your included teacher’s guide is not only the answer key for all tests and quizzes, but also offers additional reproducible assessments not included in the student workbook.

Digital Workbooks

Digital Workbooks

Our eBook content matches our print workbooks exactly, ensuring a seamless experience for students whether they are in the classroom or at home.

Online Testing

Online Testing

Built-in analytics and instant score reporting give teachers the data they need to identify learning gaps at the student or classroom level while students gain familiarity and confidence with online testing platforms in addition to the tested material.

What Our Customers Have to Say

"ABC created a resource that matches my teaching style after 20 years."
Bob Runyan (Teacher)
"ABC materials are easily accessible and very beneficial to the classroom curriculum."
Sherry Hale (Teacher)
"I love using ABC resources in my classroom, especially test prep items to prepare my students for testing situations!"
Catie Warren (Teacher)
"Mastering KPREP in Grade 5 Social Studies is very rigorous and a worthwhile purchase for districts with limited funds. Pre and post assessments allow teachers to measure student growth and strengthen any identified weaknesses. The format is designed to accustom students to test form layout as well. I would definitely recommend to any 5th grade teacher responsible for teaching Social Studies."
Tammy Brantley (Teacher)
"The use of ABC material has helped my scores increase in Social Studies."
Bernard Kouns (Teacher)
"I really enjoyed the book and the pacing of it. The content has been very well organized. "
Kevin Merida (Teacher)
Knox County Middle School

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