Learning Programs

Comprehensive Learning Strategies
American Book Company’s GEAR Learning Programs are the most comprehensive tools your students can use! These programs explain concepts and skills in a way that ensures students understand and can employ the knowledge they are learning. Each learning program follows our GEAR strategy:


Each of ABC’s Learning Programs contains a pretests that help educators pinpoint the areas in which students need help. You can use the corresponding Evaluation Chart to mark questions answered incorrectly. The Evaluation chart will refer you to the chapter that covers the missed standard and will aid in the review of the content the student needs to study. Additionally, our print text and eBook provide an individualized learning plan for each student.


Student workbooks and eBooks contain lessons and practice exercises to develop students in all areas of academic excellence. Our educational resources include easy-to-comprehend instruction for every skill, concept, or standard!


Formative and summative assessments allow students to practice the skills they have learned in a testing environment. Students can feel confident as they approach their exams having reinforced their skills, thus reducing their test-taking anxiety.


ABC’s Learning Programs have been proven to prepare students for college and career readiness (CCR) as well as increase exam performance. We also stand behind our resources’ effectiveness and offer a 100% money back guarantee!