New from ABC – Coursewave!

  • Online access for your ABC chapter, formative & summative assessments

  • Easy Sign-in Features – with Google and Microsoft

  • Instant Feedback and Classroom Management Dashboard for Data-Driven Instrustion

    • Technology-Enhanced Questions:

      – Multiple Select    – Multiple-Choice and Short-Answer    – Essay Question Formats



Let ABC be a part of your virtual learning solution!

We have been writing and publishing workbooks to support student success for over 25 years. Our content covers 100% of State Standards by grade-level and subject – including assessments aligned to State Blueprints.

CourseWave by ABC

Now you can access online all of the chapter, formative and summative assessments included in your ABC workbooks.

 – Your state testing blueprints determine our design.

 – Easy Sign-In with Google and Microsoft.

Your Virtual Learning Solution

 – Instant Feedback and Classroom Management Dashboard for

  – Data Driven Instruction

  – Students can access on any Internet capable device.