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Basics Made Easy Writing Review is one of several books in American Book Company’s Basics Made Easy series. This book will help students develop or review writing strategies and writing applications (essays) for improvement of writing skills. This book will also assist students who are preparing or reviewing editing (proofreading) tasks. Each chapter contains concise lessons and frequent practice exercises. Each chapter ends with a chapter review to practice skills learned.

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The materials in this book are based on the fourth edition of Content Knowledge, an online collection of standards and benchmarks created by McREL (Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning), writing standards for Level III. The benchmarks are based on extensive research and explain what a student should know and be able to do at a certain level in a given subject. This database is available online in a searchable format on the McREL Web site: Appendix A contains many additional writing prompts for further practice. Appendix B offers additional writing resources. Students and teachers can use the Essays Progress Chart in Appendix C to record student grades on each essay. The Diagnostic Test also includes a Writing Evaluation Chart which can be used to evaluate both the Diagnostic Writing Test and the Practice Writing Test at the end of this book. A separate key includes answers to tests and exercises as well as interactive writing activities

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