Basics Made Easy: Writing Review

Cover Image Basics Made Easy: Writing Review

Basics Made Easy: Writing Review

ISBN: 635356533
  • 10-24
  • 25+
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Diagnostic Writing Test
Chapter 1 Review: Writing Paragraphs
Chapter 2 Review: Diction
Chapter 3 Review: Planning the Essay
Chapter 4 Review: Drafting the Essay
Chapter 5 Review: Revising the Essay
Chapter 6 Review: Proofreading the Essay
Chapter 7 Review: Persuasive Writing
Chapter 8 Review: Expository Writing
Chapter 9 Review: Descriptive Writing
Chapter 10 Review: Narrative Writing
Chapter 11 Review: Writing about Literature
Chapter 12 Review: Writing Technical Texts
Chapter 13 Review: Writing Research Reports
Chapter 14 Review: Scoring the Essay
Practice Writing Test
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