Georgia GSE Success Grade 7 Social Studies

Cover Image Georgia GSE Success Grade 7 Social Studies

Georgia GSE Success Grade 7 Social Studies

ISBN: 641173551
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Chapter 1: Time, Place, and Culture 
Chapter 2: Southwest Asia
Chapter 3: Natural Resources  and the Economy of Southwest Asia
Chapter 4: The Crossroads of History
Chapter 5: Peoples and Wars
Chapter 7: Governments in  Southern and Eastern Asia
Chapter 8: Latitude, Longitude,  and Natural Resources
Chapter 9: Economies and  Environments in Southern  and Eastern Asia
Chapter 10: Roads to Independence 
Chapter 11: The Land  and Peoples of Africa
Chapter 12: Government  Struggles in Africa
Chapter 13: Environment and  Economic Issues in Africa
Chapter 14: From Colonies  to Independence
Chapter 15: Your Money:  Dreams and Goals
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